Cotton candy machines – Bringing the carnival atmosphere straight into your home


Are you in search of a reliable and cheap cotton candy machine for your home? If yes, then it is no wonder, since there are a lot of good reasons why you should have one for both yourself and your loved ones. Making cotton candy with your kids is one of the most enjoyable and fun home activities that anyone can take part in. You can also use this machine to bring that carnival, celebratory flavor to the event or, say, birthday party you plan on throwing for your kids.

Fond memories

22nxmnckjOne of the best memories any person can have, when they were a child, are the memories of going to the fair or carnival. There is just something irresistible that makes children fall in love with the popping balloons, the whining sirens, the sounds of the colorful rides, and the smell of tasty carnival food. All of these combined make carnivals an incredibly fun place to spend some time at. One of the most peculiar smells that children always fondly remember is the smell of cotton candy. They also fondly remember just the sight of a cotton candy machine.

Regardless of the exact purpose, this airy confection has been widely enjoyed by millions of people all around the country and the world, for many decades. A cotton candy machine saw first use at the 1903 World Fair event in St. Louis and since then has become an irreplaceable part of any carnival or fair. For many years, the only way of getting these machines and their sweet product was to patiently wait for them at the country fair or a local skating rink, if possible. However, nowadays, things have changed, and these machines can be easily bought and brought straight into your home.

Make cotton candy in your home

People usually imagine cotton candy machines as being quite large, clunky and unwieldy. However, they don’t realize that what they think about are carnival cotton candy machines, not those for home use. Home cotton candy machines are significantly smaller and easier to operate. By going online and doing some browsing, you would see just how many different models, of different shapes and sizes, there are currently on offer. There are big, more complex ones for business purposes, as well as small, simple ones for children.

Home vs. Commercial cotton candy machines

Buying a small one for your home is very simple and cheap. You will have no problems finding and purchasing these machines for no more than 50 dollars. Just remember that you are going to have to buy everything necessary for making cotton candy, like the floss trees and the cones. If you are planning on making a business out of cotton candy, consider purchasing a larger, commercial cotton candy machine.

Commercial machines can produce much greater quantities of cotton candy, but they come at a hefty price. One can hardly find a commercial cotton candy machine under 500 dollars. Some models can be priced at 1.000 dollars or even more.

The renting option

33nnvnnvLastly, if you are not interested in either of them, but would still like to bring that carnival atmosphere to your party, you can always rent one for a single day. This way, you could create that fun atmosphere for kids and enjoy …