Installation Of Security Cameras

Every day, there are lots of incidents happening around us, and sometimes, we need to know what happened before and during these incidents. This might be crucial in some cases. Further, it is a clear fact that we must take extra precautions like getting security cameras to keep our houses safer today.

Security camera installation in your home

Planning a system by your houseplanningsecurity

Before walking into a store and picking up some cameras and cables randomly, you should take some factors into consideration. First, you should determine where to install the camera. In other words, you should decide on the areas of the house that you want to watch. Some of these places can be the common areas, both front and back doors, off-street windows, and driveways. Second, you should buy a security camera pack in compliance with your plan in the first step. Third, you should buy a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) if you want to store the footage. Lastly, try the full system if it works before mounting the cameras to walls.

Installing the system properly

At this stage, you are going to learn how to install the security cameras. First of all, you need to determine a wide angle for the camera. Thus, you can have the control over a large area. Also, mount the camera a little higher so that nobody can give it damage. Then, you should mount the camera to the walls by screwing them. Although using sticky pads is also an option to mount the camera, it is not as effective as screwing it. After mounting your camera, you should attach the wired camera to the compatible DVR bought previously. Lastly, link the wireless camera and the DVR to your computer to watch the feed and footage.

Enhancing your security system

Now that you know how to install a security camera in your house, you can install the others on your own too. By this way, having more than one camera in your residence, you can consolidate the security system. You can connect all the cameras in the house to just one DVR. Another point to have an effectively working system is to use a Siamese cable, which has two cables attached, one for video and the other for power. Thus, you will have only one cable for each camera. Lastly, you need to buy a power supply box if you want to power several cameras through one output.

Common mistakes

Some ofcamera-1639219__340 the common mistakes made while installing a new security system are having not enough cameras, poor positioning, and lack of remote control. You cannot use one camera for
places requiring at least two. Also, poor positioning is a big problem as the whole issue is controlling an area in security cameras. If you place the camera in a wrong position, it will be useless. Lastly, the lack of remote control can limit you as you won’t know what’s happening when you are not at home.…