Light Bulbs Buying Guide

Light bulbs are needed in every home. If you want to replace your old bulbs or you are building a new house, there are some considerations you need to put in mind before buying new light bulbs. Since the removal of traditional incandescent bulbs from the market, light bulb market has changed enormously.

Factors to consider when buying light bulbs

Bulb’s shapeshapebulb

There are different shapes of light bulbs. The common ones include capsules which are two-prolonged halogen bulbs used in small light fixtures. Classic which is traditional shaped good for a wide range of fittings. Tubes which are used for functional lighting. Reflectors that are designed with wide beams of light to illuminate large areas. Spiral and stick that is best or your home since it is the most energy efficient bulb.

Bulb level of brightness

The standard of the brightness of the bulb you settle on will depend on your needs. If you do not need a lot of light, you can go a bulb that is dim but if a lot of light is what you need, then go for a bulb that is bright.

Cap fitting

Just as bulbs are available in different shapes, they are also available in different cap fittings. The cap fitting you choose will depend on the fitting of your light. The most available fittings in the market include small screw, large bayonet, small bayonet, large screw, and GU10. The wrong fitting will not fit your light so check the fitting carefully when you are buying.

The bulb technology

The leading technologies of light bulbs are energy saving, halogen, and LED. Energy saving has a lifespan of up to light-bulb-1407610__340ten years, they produce warm and soft diffused light, and provide eighty percent energy saving. Halogen provides instant, crisp, bright light, provide thirty percent energy saving and have up to two years lifespan. LED produce instant, crisp, bright light, provide ninety percent energy saving and have twenty years lifespan.

Put in mind these factors when buying light bulbs for your home. Ensure that you make your purchase from a reputable bulb store that will sell you bulbs that are high quality and genuine.…